Mutimodal Punchline Detection in TED Videos

Keywords - multimodal machine learning, affective computing, neural networks, hci

Humor has a history as old as humanity. Humor often induces laughter and elicits amusement and engagement. Humorous behavior involves behavior manifested in different modalities including language, voice tone, and gestures. Thus, automatic understanding of humorous behavior requires multimodal behavior analysis. Humor detection is a well-established problem in Natural Language Processing but its multimodal analysis is less explored. In this paper, we present a context-aware hierarchical fusion network for multimodal punchline detection. The proposed neural architecture first fuses the modalities two by two and then fuses all three modalities. The network also models the context of the punchline using Gated Recurrent Unit(s). The model’s performance is evaluated on UR-FUNNY database yielding state-of-the-art performance.

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Mutimodal nature of humor