old accuaintance

Year - 2014

My past memories refreshed when I saw a fellow
He said me hello !!
Joy filled over my heart
He was once my life’s part
He was like pearl in this vast sea
He was filled with joy too after seeing me…
I first met him in jail when I was in sorrow
He consolidated me by saying there will be a better tomorrow
We both were innocent
There was nothing to repent
He was 24355 & I was 24356
He was my Old Acquaintance
He was a handsome man in his young days
But now what to say
He has gone so pale after spending too much time in jail
Few days ago he has got his bail
He glanced at me & cried
Not to cry I tried
We talked well
It was like finding happy memories in this earthly hell
I enjoyed his company
His voice for me was like honey
Soon the time drained
Soon there was time of arrival of his train
He said bye
I wanted to cry
But with a smile said bye
Hope that soon again I will again say hi
Although we live within a large distance
But I will never forget my Old Acquaintance…