Year - 2021

Chasing unpromised love is like a bullet in your chest
It’s like a lighthouse without light
It’s warm yet not comforting
It’s like pills that steal your sleep
It’s the hope that you know is gonna break
It’s like the sun all bright but you can never touch
It’s like the moon calming you for that hour in each other’s arms
It’s broken and yet not beautiful
It’s gross, it has no ends or no beginnings
With shallow foundations waiting to collapse any moment
Constantly looking to build itself with someone else
It’s like that expensive dress that you want but you can never get it
It’s desire, not a need
It’s like feeling hurt when you know you should not
It’s like acting all fine by the day and crying at night
It’s like this poem all unstructured and meaningless yet trying to convey something
It’s not anybody’s mistake but yet both are at fault
One naive enough to not understand casual relationships
The other… oh my… there lies no fault
After all, it was unpromised